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After COVID-19, 2021 New Beauty Plan


As Coronavirus continues to affect our lives, it seems to have a great impact on the beauty market as well.

  1. These days, masks have become an inseparable part of our lives, which has a huge effect on our skin. A lot of cosmetic brands also started to change their beauty concepts to the ones that can protect fully protect skin from the effects of wearing masks daily. These products include biome and panthenol, which tend to improve skin immunity rather than just protect from external factors.
  2. Since coronavirus hit, more people wear masks and fewer people wear makeup. But we cannot give o make up 100%. There are definitely moments when basic makeup is applied. In these moments, we need makeup that does not collapse easily or setting powder and fixing mists. Therefore, the era of setting powder and fixing mists is expected to come.
  3. These days, people have become accustomed to purchasing products from home. As a result, beauty companies too started to shift their focus to online platforms, focusing on various benefits, improving delivery and website operation.
  4. Finally, one of the most positive aspects that COVID-19 has had on our lives is an environmental change. In the Korean beauty market, the number of vegan and clean beauty brands that consider the environment and animals is gradually increasing.
Like the whole world, the beauty markets also experiencing a lot of positive and negative changes due to the Coronavirus. We cannot predict how long coronavirus will last, but we can control whether it brings more positive or negative change to the world.

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