ETUDE Soonjung Centella Series – K Selection

ETUDE Soonjung Centella Series


The Soonjung Centella line is a line that contains the same pantensoside content as in the existing Soonjung line while adding cica ingredients.

Centella Asiatica extract is included in the basic skincare ingredient, so it is recommended for those who need more skin-soothing than the existing (no cica) line

Soonjung Centella Subacid Calming Toner 200ml

The fresh and moist water formula makes the skin soft and moist without stickiness.

Soonjung Centella 10 Anhydrous Emulsion 130ml

It is a moist emulsion with rich moisture. It absorbs into the skin lightly and softly to moisturize sensitive and dry skin due to external factors.

Soonjung Centella Pantensoside 5 Cica Balm 50ML

As a balm type with good adhesion, it gently adheres to the skin and moisturizes the skin without feeling oily or stuffy.

Soonjung Centella Moisture Barrier Cream 75ml

Moisturizing cream with 92.2% moisturizing ingredients deeply hydrates and comforts the skin tired from external stimulation and dryness.

Soonjung Centella 6.5 Whip Cleanser 250ml

The rich foam generated by pumping minimizes skin irritation and gently cleanses skin waste.

Soothe sensitive skin with Etude's Soonjung Centella line!

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