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Hydrating! Calming! Moisturizing! Multi-use Aloe Soothing Gel


Aloe vera is often used for soothing and calming the skin!

It is most often used to soothe skin tanned by strong sunlight in summer. Aloe is used not only to soothe the skin but also to exfoliate the skin and remove sebum after treatments that can cause irritation.

It is a soothing gel that can be used for a variety of purposes. We will let you know in which order to apply this soothing gel during your skincare routine and the right way to use it:

  1. The benefits of aloe for the skin
  2. a) Aloe vera contains aloin, a natural depigmenting compound that has been shown to lighten skin and work effectively as a nontoxic hyperpigmentation treatment
  3. b) Aloe Vera also promotes metabolism and normalizes sebum secretion.
  4. c) Helps in wound healing.

Aloe Soothing Gel Skin Care Instructions:

Many people use the soothing gel as the last step in skincare because it looks like a moisturizing cream.

The soothing gel tends to feel sticky so it is best if applied with lotion.

When applied with lotion applied, the soothing gel tends to feel sticky.

When applying the soothing gel, it is best to apply it immediately after skin or only after applying the essence.

You can also apply the gel to the body.

If your skin becomes red or itchy due to the frequent exposure to UV rays, apply Aloe Soothing Gel on the irritated area and let it absorb for a couple of minutes.

You will feel the soothing and calming effect of the gel in no time.

How to use Aloe Soothing Gel:

There are many people who apply the gel thickly on the skin thinking that it is good for the skin.

Vice versa, our skin can absorb well a fixed amount of cosmetics, so just because you apply a thick amount of gel, it doesn't mean that it completely penetrates your skin.

There are many people who apply it thickly on the skin by spreading it generously as it is a tangy formula.

Our skin has a fixed amount of basic cosmetics that can be absorbed, so just because you apply a lot of it doesn't mean that it completely penetrates your skin.

Applying too much is never a good idea, the point is to apply just the right amount of the gel for it to absorb into the skin.

Tip 1: Use as a pack

Dip a cotton pad in the soothing gel, put it on the troubled area, and use it as a pack for 5-10 minutes.

If you put the pack in the refrigerator, you can sense a stronger cooling effect.

Tip 2: Use for hair care

In summer, not only the skin but also the scalp and the hair can be severely damaged.

At this time, apply the soothing gel to the hair and it will provide rich moisture and soothing to your hair and scalp.

Tip 3. Make a matte foundation moist

If you have a foundation that is too matte, mix the soothing gel in a 2:1 ratio.

The two formulations naturally mix well without separation, making the matte base moist.

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