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What cosmetics does KPOP idol Red Velvet Joy use?

She always makes people mesmerized by her charming looks. She usually likes to add points to her lips without overdoing her makeup style.

What cosmetics does Red Velvet Joy use on a daily basis?

Couture Lip Tint Shine No. 1 Like It. It is a red color tint recommended for those with a warm skin tone. The color itself is beautifully expressed as it is moist lip-like water. It goes up on the lips lightly and fills in between the wrinkles of the lips, so you don't have to worry about dead skin cells. It has good durability, which is perfect for daily use.

Also, Pro Tailor B Silk Cushion No. 20 Vanilla Pro is a cushion that expresses flawless silky skin by densely layering the skin with a thin and smooth texture like silk. It is a long-lasting cushion that will make your skin look flawless and keep moisturized for the whole day.

The cushion will professionally hide any skin impurities while the tint will add a charming note to your look. It is quite simple but fresh and luxury look achieved with just two Espoir products.

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