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What is the right order for skincare routine?


There are so many articles about why skincare routine order matters and what is the right order to apply skincare products. If you don't apply products in the correct order, you will not see the best result from your skincare.

It is not very difficult to determine the order of applying basic cosmetics as one might think.

First, you can decide based on the oil content.

Skins, toners, ampoules, and serums have almost no oil content, but high moisture content. So, this is the first cosmetic you should use.

Lotion, moisturizing cream, nourishing cream, eye cream, and anything that has the word "oil" are products with oil content. Eye cream and "oil" (cleansing oil, micellar oil contain the most oil).

Therefore, applying the products with high moisture content first and then using products with high oil content is the right order.

The reason for using cosmetics with a high moisture content first is that it is necessary to first fill the skin with moisture. Using oil products as the second step prevents moisture from evaporating. 

If you use cosmetics with a high oil content first, it may prevent moisture from being absorbed into the skin, making it difficult for moisture to stay.

Second, it is important to know how to divide the order based on the viscosity. Because toners and skins have low viscosity, it is best to apply them before ampoules or serums. Since lotions have a lower viscosity than creams, it is advised to apply lotions before creams.

In these two simple ways, you can distinguish and set the order of your skincare routine.

It is easier than you think, isn't it?

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