Beauty Glossary – Page 3 – K Selection
  • 2021 Summer K-Beauty Makeup Trend

    2021 Summer K-Beauty Makeup Trend

    1.Minimal skin makeup. This summer, minimal makeup is going to be popular to highlight the skin's natural color. Light makeup will accentuate your skin expression in warm weather. Base makeup that shows clear skin is more popular than products with high coverage and long-lasting power. The point is to bring out the complexion with a light tone-up cream, etc. Here, the lack of coverage...
  • Enjoy your summer! SUN care item

    Enjoy your summer! SUN care item

    Sunscreen is an essential item that we use during summer to protect our skin from UV rays. There are a lot of people who do not apply sunscreen daily because it makes their skin oily. On the packages of sunscreen products, you can see the words SPF and PA.SPF is a blocking factor. If SPF is 50, you can think of it as blocking...
  • Brand Story : ATOPALM

    Brand Story : ATOPALM

    Atopharm is one of the brands that belongs to Neopharm. Neopharm has four brands: Atopharm, Real Barrier, Zeroid, and Dermaby. Atopam is a skincare brand specializing in sensitive skin, it takes care of irritated and dry skin and turns it into healthy beautiful skin. MLE is Neopharm's proprietary technology that reproduces the structure of healthy skin in the most similar way. Neopharm Co., Ltd.,...
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