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2021 Summer K-Beauty Makeup Trend

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1.Minimal skin makeup.

This summer, minimal makeup is going to be popular to highlight the skin's natural color. Light makeup will accentuate your skin expression in warm weather. Base makeup that shows clear skin is more popular than products with high coverage and long-lasting power. The point is to bring out the complexion with a light tone-up cream, etc. Here, the lack of coverage is supplemented with a concealer, and when finished, a light base makeup that does not stick to the mask and does not collapse even with sweat can be completed.

Recommended Products: COSRX Sunny Snail Tone Up Cream 50mlFARMSTAY Honeymoon White Flower Tone Up Cream 150mlBEAUSTA CICARECIPE Green Tone-up Cream 40ml

2. Bright eye shadow or dark eye Makeup.

As the world gets brighter and the temperature rises, it is common for bright-colored eyeshadows to become popular as well. If you look at the eye makeup products that will be released for the summer of 2021, products that allow you to express your eyes in a sophisticated way using multiple colors rather than one color are rising to popularity. In addition, while the skin makeup is natural and soft, bold makeup that underlines your eyes above the mask is also expected to become popular in 2021. Rather than simply applying black eyeliner, these days trend is to use bold eyeshadows or pearls to create a sexy and seductive atmosphere.

Recommended product: MISSHA Limited Color Filter Shadow Palette 6.8gESPOIR Glitter Bomb Palette ETUDE Play Color Eyes #Caffine Holic 10g

3. Natural Brow Makeup.

As bold makeup that emphasizes the eye line is the trend, it is also a trend to make eyebrows look natural and effortless. We recommend using a brow shaper to enhance the texture of your eyebrows.

Recommended Products: ETUDE Tint Brows Gel #2 light brown THE FACE SHOP Designing Eyebrow #Light Brown ETUDE Color My Brows 4.5g

4.  Red Lips. 

This summer, with vibrant colors and pastel shades of lip products, soft nude and brown lipsticks are being pushed down. Instead, bright pinks and deep reds are sure to grab people's attention this season. Also, in preparation for the hot summer, long-wear products with strong durability and matte lipsticks will be popular.

Recommended Products: PERIPERA Ink Tint Serum #5 GoGo Red ESPOIR Lipstick No Wear Gentle Matte #red Meets Yellow TONYMOLY The Shocking Lip Blur #04 hot taste Enjoy your summer with the hottest summer makeup trends!

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