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Brand Story : ATOPALM

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Atopharm is one of the brands that belongs to Neopharm.

Neopharm has four brands: Atopharm, Real Barrier, Zeroid, and Dermaby.

Atopam is a skincare brand specializing in sensitive skin, it takes care of irritated and dry skin and turns it into healthy beautiful skin.

MLE is Neopharm's proprietary technology that reproduces the structure of healthy skin in the most similar way.

Neopharm Co., Ltd., a specialized skin science company, started development in 1997, and its value has been recognized worldwide.

It forms a lasting skin barrier to help strengthen and protect skin that suffers from dryness, dehydration, and sensitivity.

The hypoallergenic-safe prescription system excludes all harmful ingredients and all products have been dermatologically tested for skin irritation; therefore, everyone, from babies with sensitive skin to adults with dehydrated skin can use these products with confidence. 

Another brand of Neopharm is Zeroid.

This brand is slowly gaining recognition worldwide so people will be able to purchase this brand abroad.

Lastly, Dermaby is a body specialized brand that offers safer, more effective daily moisturizing care.

Dermaby's step-by-step moisturizing coating protects skin from dehydration, making it healthy and glowy.

Neopharm's products are famous for baby skincare products. You can confidentially apply it if your baby has dry or sensitive skin. It effectively soothes and moisturizes the skin without any irritations or redness.

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