Brand Story: COSRX – K Selection

Brand Story: COSRX

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These are the three principles that COSRX pursues.


This is the first operating principle and goal of COSRX. Its motto is "A heart-warming store where you can always feel the warmth and the sincerity".  COSRX always tries to provide better service for their customers. 


COSRX tries its best to use all the resources nature has given us. It claims that the only ingredient it will add to the existing natural ones is its sincerity and love. "We will become a more natural store that contains the life and benefits of nature."


COSRX claims that by taking a more scientific approach to each customer's skin pattern and skin concerns, it is constantly researching so that it can prescribe better and optimal cosmetics through numerous scientific analysis methods such as seasons, stages, ingredients, formulations, cycles, and dates.

With the slogan “Maximize good ingredients, minimize harmful ingredients”, COSRX is one of the most effective cosmetics that aims for reasonable consumption.

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