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The secret behind the Esthetic House products has been a mystery for decades. It has inspired so many people to explore more and more about beauty.

Esthetic House is a combination of beauty secrets and scientific formulas that aims to make any skin healthier and beautiful. Welcome to the world of perfect skincare.


With a slightly different principle, different values, and different perspectives, Esthetic House works for optimal beauty.

The standard of beauty does not change much throughout the decades.

Esthetic House is a premium cosmetic brand that captures the unchanging beauty sensibility.

The most representative product of ESTHETIC HOUSE is Cp-1 Premium Protein Treatment.

This hair treatment is stronger than other treatments and lasts longer than hair ampoules.

This is the best treatment for thin and weak hair due to frequent perming and dyeing.

Representative ingredients of Cp-1 Premium Protein Treatment include:

There are low molecular weight, high molecular weight proteins, and 6 vegetable oils.

It also contains quinoa seed extract that binds proteins evenly and helps protein adsorption.

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