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How to make aegyo sal (the "cute" eye bag” without fillers?

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Aegyo sal that appears with every smile!

It is an attractive point that makes the eyes look deeper and makes the impression soft.

Luckily, there is a way to create this aegyo sal without surgery, all you need is eye makeup. The typical method is to underline the area under your eyes, to make it brighter or another way is to shadow the area under the eyes. So here are 3 great tips to achieve a natural aegyo sal look.

Tip 1.

If you blindly put glitter on the aegyo sal area, the area eventually will become messy.

More important than applying glitter is to cover dark circles so the area is the same as your skin color.

Tip 2.

After you hide your dark circles, applying some glitter sounds like a reasonable idea. But instead of looking natural, it might appear very awkward. Instead of getting into a glitter right away, apply some eye shadow.

The power of a single line of a shadow will make your eyes look deeper and the aegyo area look plump.

Tip 3.

If you want to make clean and long-lasting aegyo meat, you need to choose a good shadow.

Aegyosal Shadow, a demonic item that makes the eyes sparkle and makes eyes look open, and allows you to switch between cuteness and splendid maturity depending on the color.

We recommend the aegyo flesh shadow that makes the under-eye look beautiful:

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