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  • E-commerce VAT in the EU and UK.

    E-commerce VAT in the EU and UK.

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      In the table below, there is a brief overview of VAT rates across Europe in 2021. The rates are updated each month. Please keep in mind that VAT is not the same throughout Europe. Each member state decides on the percentage of the VAT on services and goods. In the case of our online shop, the VAT is the recipients’/buyers’ burden.    
  • Paypal and Eximbay update!

    Paypal and Eximbay update!

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    Great news! Now our customers can pay through paypal without creating a paypal account! If you choose to pay with paypal there will be an option to pay with Debit or Credit Card (no need to create a paypal account).You can choose to pay with any of the listed cards: Visa, Discover, Master, American Express Diners. And if you choose to pay with Eximbay,...
  • K-packet restrictions

    K-packet restrictions

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    We offer our sincere apology for any late deliveries and inconvenience that you had to go through. Due to new procedures and safety policies as a result of COVID-19, K-packet is ONLY AVAILABLE in the listed countries: Germany, Russia, Malaysia, USA, Vietnam, England, Japan, China, Canada, Thailand, Philippines, and Hong Kong. If the country you want to ship to is not listed above that means...
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