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Warm Tone vs. Cool Tone: Find out my personal color

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Personal color refers to a color that harmonizes with an individual's body color to make it lively.

It is very useful to know your personal color because If you know your color, you can create a unique image that belongs only to you.

There are classes or institutions that can determine your personal color, and the cost is not high; however, there is also a self-test that can easily define your color.

First, you can compare cool tones and warm tones by skin color. Cool tones usually associate with red skin.

Rather than staining only a part of your skin, it shows a red color as a whole.

A warm tone is skin that doesn't turn pink that well and shows a lot of yellowish colors.

The second method how to easily find out your personal color is to check the wrist blood vessels. Keep in mind that this method is often inaccurate depending on the person and personal characteristics.

If your veins appear blue or purple, you have a cool skin tone.

If your veins look green or a greenish blue, you have a warm skin tone.

 *When looking at blood vessels or skin color, it is most accurate when viewed under white light.

A hair color test is also possible.

If your hair color is close to yellow or brown colors such as blonde or orange-brown, your personal color is more of a warm tone.

Cool tones look good with cold and dark colors such as black hair or dark brown, ash brown.

Last but not least, accessories also can be a good way to find out your personal color.

If you people say that gold or copper-colored accessories fit you more then you are closer to warm tones.

If it's silver-based accessories, your personal color has cool tones.

Using your personal color is the best way to bring out your uniqueness and individuality! It applies to cosmetics as well! Knowing your personal color you can easily find makeup that will fit you the best. So why not find out your personal color and what kind of cosmetics fits you the best for the better look ❤

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